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Anonymous: Hey there! I feel really anxious and upset right now. I just got together with my now boyfriend yesterday and I'm a survivor of emotional abuse and I just honestly feel scared. I know he wouldn't hurt me on purpose but I can't help feeling like I have to apologize for everything. I don't like feeling this way. My bf knows I've been abused but I don't think he knows how much it effected me. Should I say something to him? if so, how?

(CO: decided to answer this one myself, this is a position ive often found myself in.

the best decision i personally have made was to explain slowly. if you dont feel ready to open up, you dont have to. you can just explain that you have had a history of emotional abuse and therefore things can affect you. maybe explain you need reassurance, ask him to be patient and to communicate calmly with you. if he presses on, just explain that you need to have some time to open up at your pace. he should respect that.

in my experience, its honestly the best thing to do, and it has gotten me so much support from my s.o. and i feel honestly well cared for and not rushed at all. the first thing i did though was also explain how to manage any issues i might have (insecurity, panic attacks, etc) so they dont feel at a total loss of what they should do. slowly but surely, no rush, take your time, and sometimes its best to take it easy and slow so they also dont feel overwhelmed.)

Anonymous: hey corgi &charlie! i need your help. a girl i used to be close with has been trying to talk to me more again, but i distanced myself from her for a reason. our friendship used to be very unhealthy and toxic, to the point where she would give me things to self harm with if i asked and she told me to purge if i said i felt like i ate too much. i'm doing very well in recovery and i don't want to give into that again, do you have any tips on how to deal with the situation? thank you so much xoxox❤️

Woof woof! Distance yourself from her again. Explain you don’t want to continue the friendship, and keep yourself safe. If harassment begins, contact an adult (should you be underage) or a counselor, and if things get too extreme, report to the authorities. 

Corgi wants to tell you that they are very proud of you coming so far in recovery and for working to get better. Great job!

Anonymous: I really want/need to breakup with my boyfriend but I don't know how. He's head over heels for me but I don't feel like that for him and I feel guilty because of it. I want to do it in person but I don't know what to say. I've never done this before. How do you breakup with someone and get the timing right?

Woof woof! There really isn’t a perfect timing to break up with someone. However, there’s times where it’s probably inappropriate, such as doing it publicly and such.

It’s best to be honest with him, and explain you don’t feel as strongly as he does. He might try to push, but if you’re sure about this decision, there’s no reason to back down. It’s okay to not return people’s feelings, everyone is different.

Anonymous: I've been feeling feeling down lately. I feel like I a nuisance to everyone, either that or I'm invisible. I just feel like nobody cares about me.

Woof woof! You are not a nuisance, and Corgi definitely cares. Is there something that sparked these feelings (perhaps a traumatic event or something similar)?

Anonymous: Hi, helpcorgi. Ive been seeing tons of police brutality videos/posts against blacks & they're seriously starting to scare me. The last one I saw pushed me over the edge a bit. I was crying and shaking and Im still terrified, just scared of police in general. I know I have no right to be; Im white and probably at no risk, but Im still so scared that the cops meant to protect us all are senselessly hurting people, and that they may one day hurt me, too. What can I do..? If they do, I'm helpless...

Woof woof! The best you can do is show support to those who are experiencing said police brutality- it pays to show you care.

There isn’t much of anything you can do other than stay informed. Know your rights, know where you stand, and know what your duties as a citizen are. Make sure to keep to them, keep a clean record, and just basically live honestly. 

The rest is honestly beyond your control. Do the best you can, and the rest is up to everybody else. Don’t overwhelm yourself and if you feel too scared, see a professional for help.

Anonymous: Hi Helpcorgi, I think I have Trichotillomania but I don't know how to tell my parents. I'm really scared they won't understand.

Woof woof! The best way is to make sure you understand as much as you can everything about trichotillomania. Stay informed, gather as much information as you can, and then write out what you want to say. 

Sometimes parents understand, and that’s wonderful! Other times, they don’t. This doesn’t make it your fault in any way, you are reaching out for help, and that’s important and incredibly brave of you.

Anonymous: Hi, I saw the anon ask you answered about dermatillomania being self harm, and I just wanted to say that although technically, it could be seen as self harm in a literal sense, it's generally not done with pain being the object. Usually it's pushing through the pain to achieve the object of getting gunk out of a pore, or pulling off a scab, or something like that. I just thought I'd point that out, so you can maybe understand it a bit better. :)

Woof woof! Thank you! Corgi will take note of this.