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New video: “What If Depression Followed You Online?”

If depressed thoughts (symptoms of depression and anxiety) spoke to you online, how would you cope? Your answer could be the key to real-life recovery.

I’m so proud of this video, and was so scared of publishing it. 

I had it ready to go at 9AM, but couldn’t bring myself to post it until noon. I felt (and feel) very, very vulnerable sharing the deeply personal inner debates I face against depression. It’s scary; I was afraid that people would make fun of me. But ultimately I believe that silence only breeds shame and illness, and I refuse to spend my life bowing before those altars.

50+ hours went into making this video, which is (by far) the longest an episode of HtA has ever taken to complete.  I hope with my whole heart that it is helpful to some of y’all. The response thus far has been so kind and generous that I have tears in my eyes as I type this. Guys, I have known from the start that you are awesome, but your awesomeness has never meant so much to me as it does right now. 

A quick note about why the reception y’all have given the video means so much to me.

- Mike