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Anonymous: Hello. I really need some comfort Corgi. Last night there was a huge mess of an ordeal that I had to go through that caused me a few panic attacks as well as just breaking down into tears. And now I feel like I can't even get out of bed or talk to anyone after all that, because I keep replaying it all in my head. I could really use some helpful words or something to help me at least get it out of my head for a bit.

Woof woof! Shh shh dear human. Everything will be okay. What happened is now in the past and you’ve got the future to look forward to. Just remember to breathe and take it one step at a time.

Corgi has a masterpost of things you can do to help take your mind off of things.

Anonymous: Corgi, Charlie, I have a gynecologist appointment coming up in two weeks. I'm absolutely terrified. This is my first time going and I'm not comfortable with it at all. I want to cry every time it's brought up by my mother; I told her I don't want to go, but she says I'm going regardless of what I say because 'it's just a girl thing you have to do'. I'm so scared, what do I do?

Woof woof! It’s okay to feel nervous, however gynecologists are just doctors like any other and just want to make sure you’re doing well.

If you feel uncomfortable you can tell your doctor and they will try their best to be accommodating while doing procedures! 

Anonymous: Corgi help!!! My brother pushed my door forwards at me and it got my toe and bent my nail back! It didn't break off and it's laying flat now but it bled a bit. What should I do?!? Is my nail going to fall off??

Woof woof! Corgi believes you should put some ice on it and try to go to a doctor if you can.

Corgi is not a professional so they cannot tell you if it will fall off or not. However, since it didn’t break off completely, Corgi thinks that in the case it does fall off, you will grow another and once it’s completely healed you won’t be able to tell the difference! 

(Corgi’s owner had a similar experience with their finger!)

Anonymous: corgi I just broke up with my boyfriend today, is it too soon to want another relationship?

Woof woof! Personally Corgi believes a bit of time is healthier to let yourself learn how to be alone again before finding someone to date, as this can be often mistaken for a “rebound” or could just be you wishing for company. However, if you feel you are ready for another relationship, it’s up to you!

Anonymous: Hey haha sorry my first instinct when going through my dash is to reblog everything (I use the keyboard commands) and I just re blogged something really awkward of yours (someone asked what the symptoms of your sickness was and you said it was about your period.) unintentionally but I only have 13 followers so I wouldn't worry but yeah srry bout that one m8.

Woof woof! That’s alright then.


Woof woof! Corgi will disregard the previous ask then, and is glad that you got it!!

I get this every time I have my period, what can you take to help it?

Woof woof! Corgi’s owner would prefer answering questions pertaining to their personal health on their personal blog.

Anonymous: Hiya corgi, A few years ago, I met a girl on the internet. We became best friends. But she began to have many problems. She self harmed and was depressed and suicidal. I stayed up all night on most nights to try to save her. It took a toll on my health as well, making me very sad and very tired because I stayed up all night most nights. I'm afraid that she will harm herself if I end this friendship. I want to end it, but when I try, she threatens to kill herself. I can't keep up. Please help.

Woof woof! You are incredibly kind for caring about your friend this way, but keep in mind that you must also care about yourself. If they threaten suicide when you try to leave, that is a form of manipulation and not a sign that you should stay. If you are too worried about them committing suicide once you leave, you can call the authorities or speak to someone who can help them. 

Don’t stay in a toxic relationship when it’s unhealthy, dear human, your life is just as important as theirs.

Anonymous: Hi, helpcorgi! Hope you're feeling better :3 I had a friend who died a couple years ago and potentially left her teen kid in a bad home situation. I've tried to keep in touch, but my texts are going unanswered and my phone got wet and died, so I lost the number. They just moved and I'm not sure where they live now... I really don't know how to reestablish a connection, but I need to. I'm worried.

Woof woof! You can try asking their neighbor or their tenant (if renting) if they have any idea where they may have moved to. If they are underage, you can also ask around their school, or if you know their friends, you can also ask there. Sometimes the local authorities might be able to help.